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     I grew up in a beach house in a small town South of Seattle, right on Puget Sound.  I have wonderful memories of that time, and I believe it was those memories as well as family that brought me back to the Pacific Northwest.  Currently I've traded in a view of Puget Sound for a view of Mount Rainier, different - but just as beautiful to me.  

     Seattle has changed tremendously over the years I was away and the pace of change seems even faster now, but also remained the same in many ways.  I hope my paintings capture a moment in time and will feel authentic to the viewer.  



I attended college in the Bay area at the California College of Arts and Crafts, graduating with a major in illustration.  Upon graduation I moved to Los Angeles and began a freelance illustration career.

Purchasing work:

My work is for sale as either an original or Giglee (Gee-clay) print, I am also available for commissions.  If interested in any work please use the "Contact" page to send an email and I will respond.


About Giglee prints:

The advances in digital printing have allowed artists to produce excellent copies of their work using archival inks (lasting 100 years) at reasonable cost, these can be produced on museum quality paper you can frame, or on canvas that can be "gallery wrapped" over stretcher bars (no frame required).  I can produce prints in a variety of sizes (in proportion to the original work) to fit your space.  Pricing will be reflected by the size of the print.

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